Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murdeshwar, Karnataka. - 1

The Small town of Murdeshwar is located on the South-Western coast of India. The town is at a distance of 210 Kms from Mangalore and the nearest District headquarters is bhatkal at a distance of 12 Kms.
Murdeshwar is home to one of the oldest Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has been in the spotlight lately since the last 2 decades when a big NRI Businessman, Mr. R.N.Shetty, who is based in Dubai set foot on this Town and has since been undertaking Developing works in the area. In fact, to many of the localites, Mr. Shetty is considered a God.
The most enchanting part of this town is the place that is is situated. With the Arabian Sea kissing its shores and a natural Crescent shaped Beach with Golden sands to support, Murdeshwar is now on a Must-Visit list of places to see in India.

The gigantic statue of Lord shiva, Installed on top of the hill behind the main temple is the main attraction of this Temple town.

Just below the hill is the ancient and powerful Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, by the name of  Murdeshwar.

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