Friday, March 18, 2011


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Murdeshwar - 5


                     Blessed by Lord Shiva with the “Athma Linga”, The great King Ravana starts his journey to his palace. The lord Shiva, before handing over the “Athma Linga” to Ravana had told the King that the “Athma Linga” should not be kept on ground and if done, then it will be permanently forced to stay there the moment it touches ground.

                     All the Gods became more concerned that the “Athma Linga” had fallen into the hands of the King who was known for his villainous acts. They all went and begged to Lord Ganesh to ensure that Athma Linga does’nt stay with King Ravana for long.


                    Lord Ganesh takes the form of a cowherd and keeps walking in Gokarna along with his herd. It was evening and just about the time for the Great King to attend to his evening prayers.King Ravana was known for his devotion to God and he would never miss his prayers. The great king was worried about his prayers as it was getting late.


                    At that time, He saw a young cowherd who happened to be a Brahmin passing by. He immediately caught hold of the Cowherd and asked him to hold the “Athma Linga” with great care so that he would finish his prayers and come back. The cowherd told the great king that he should hurry. He also told Ravana that he would call his name thrice and that if he did not return within that time, then he would place the “Athma Linga” on the ground. the  king agreed and hurried to take bath and attend his prayers.


                 Lord Ganesh knew that this was the time for him to deprive the great King from possessing the “Athma Linga”. After some time, the cowherd called the king by his name three times and Ravana finished his prayers and started running back to get hold of the “Athma Linga”. By this time, the cowherd, as agreed had called Ravana three times and since Ravana had not collected the Athma Linga, he quickly put the Athma Linga on the ground of Gokarna.

                King Ravana was furious with the cowherd and he started thrashing the cowherd without knowing that the cowherd was in fact Lord Ganesh. He was so angry with the boy that he hit him with great force on the Head. At that instance, the cowherd took the form of lord Ganesh and became an idol( Can be seen in the picture below.). The great king tried in vain to lift the Athma Linga from the ground. All his efforts failed.


That is how the “Athma Linga” found its place at Gokarna.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Murdeshwar - 4

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The Great Kings Mother requests him to get “Athma Linga” for which King Ravana starts penance again. The mighty King is seen standing on one foot and all his Ten heads and 20 hands visible.
He went to the extent of cutting his Heads with his own hands to please Lord Shiva. In the above picture, The Great King is seen cutting his heads and standing on them. Finally pleased with his penance, Lord Shiva hands over the “Athma Linga” to King Ravana.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Murdeshwar - 3



Finally unable to bear the intensity of the Great King Ravana’s penance, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appear before him and ask him to end his penance and promise that whatever he wishes for, it would be granted.


In the above picture, Sage Narada is requesting King Ravana to put an end to his evil deeds. The most important thing that should be observed in this picture is the Arms that are hanging around the waist of Goddess Kali.

The wedding of King Ravana and Mandodari.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Murdeshwar - 2


This post is dedicated to the genius of Mr. R.N.Shetty. In my earlier post about Murdeshwar, I had written about the Temple, The beautiful Beach and the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva built by the able financial support of Mr. R.N.Shetty.

Under the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva is a circular shaped museum where the story of Murdeshwar has been narrated in detail with the help of some exquisite statues of Lankan King Ravana, Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva. All these statues were developed under the financial aid given by Mr. R.N. Shetty. Below are the pictures of the statues. The statues are made of Plaster of Paris.


In the above picture, Lankan King, Ravana the great is in deep meditation and praying to please Lord Shiva so that the Lord grants him a boon. The statue is such a marvel that one feels that he is staring at King Ravana himsef. there is so much life in the statue.



While King Ravana is in deep meditation, Sage Narada is seen in the above picture narrating to Lord Vishnu, who is resting under the hood of Snake, Adhishesha. Sage Narada is telling Lord Vishnu the purpose of King Ravana’s Penance and the consequences if King Ravana succeeds in Pleasing Lord Shiva with his penance and is granted a boon. Goddess Lakshmi is seen in the picture.


Even after praying to Lord Shiva for many years, the lord was not pleased with King Ravana. Out of anger, the mighty king is seen in the above picture lifting Mount Kailash (abode of Lord Shiva) alongwith Lord Ganesh, Goddess Parvati and Nandi ( the divine Bull). All the ten heads of the mighty King and the twenty hands are clear visible and this statue, according to me is a master piece.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murdeshwar, Karnataka. - 1

The Small town of Murdeshwar is located on the South-Western coast of India. The town is at a distance of 210 Kms from Mangalore and the nearest District headquarters is bhatkal at a distance of 12 Kms.
Murdeshwar is home to one of the oldest Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has been in the spotlight lately since the last 2 decades when a big NRI Businessman, Mr. R.N.Shetty, who is based in Dubai set foot on this Town and has since been undertaking Developing works in the area. In fact, to many of the localites, Mr. Shetty is considered a God.
The most enchanting part of this town is the place that is is situated. With the Arabian Sea kissing its shores and a natural Crescent shaped Beach with Golden sands to support, Murdeshwar is now on a Must-Visit list of places to see in India.

The gigantic statue of Lord shiva, Installed on top of the hill behind the main temple is the main attraction of this Temple town.

Just below the hill is the ancient and powerful Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, by the name of  Murdeshwar.