Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sri Rama Temple - Chunchunkatte

The Idol being worshipped is that of the Lord Sri Rama - One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Chunchunkatte is a small village at a distance of 48 Kms from the Royal Historic city of Mysore. The village is accessible by road. The village has found significance on the international map too.

The annual Cattle fair is the biggest fair of such kind in the world and is conducted in the month of January every year. Millions cattle sellers / buyers from adjoining Villages participate in this fair.

The temple is adjoining the gushing waters of the River Cauvery. the best time to visit this temple is after the monsoon, when the river is in full flow.
The place has an Circuit House / Inspection Bungalow. If you are lucky enough, then you will find accommodation or else you have an alternative of staying in the Temples Own Marriage Hall which is constructed just opposite to the temple.

The main deities worshipped in this Temple are that of Sri Rama, Sri Lakshman and Goddess Sita (Sri Rama’s Consort). There is uniqueness about the positioning of deities in this Temple. If one can notice, this is the only Temple where the Goddess Sita is standing to the right of Lord Rama. In all other temples Goddess is to the Left of Lord Rama.

From Left to Right - Goddess Sita, Lord Rama and Sri Lakshman.

One can never be deprived of Special Hosts welcoming you to Lord Rama Temples. You guessed it right. MONKEYS. You will find them aplenty in all the Temples across India. Normally these monkeys never intend to do any harm, except hunting for Food, especially Bananas being their favorite.

Welcome Pilgrims. We look forward to a good time with you.

If you try to chase them away, there is always a risk of putting yourself into trouble. If you show them a Banana, am sure you can reach Mysore on Foot, Running of course.

The main thing that one should consider to be careful is save yourself from the monkeys. Basically, they won't do any harm unless you want to check on them.


  1. I would love to visit your Beautiful Country - I love Indian Food too + it sounds like the Monkey's would join me for a Banana*



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